Hi, my name is Ben Cabot, and I have creativity to burn. Id love to use it to create a stylish and functional new website, or sleek and modern identity for you.



My name is Ben Cabot, and I am a graphic & web designer living in Chicago, IL. Currently I am doing freelance design.

I have a passion for beautiful and functional design, thus Ive decided to persue it professionally. I am constantly and consistently looking for new challenges and inspiration, and Im always looking to add to and improve upon my skillset.


Besides graphic and web design I really enjoy many other things, some related and some not. Here is a little bit more about me.

One thing I enjoy that is surprisingly related is video games and video game design. I also enjoy sports (both playing and watching -- Go Bears!), music, and the outdoors. One of my more niche hobbies is the captive care of dart frogs. Interesting, right? I think so.


+Microsoft Office

Additional Skills I have at least some familiarity with: Dreamweaver, InDesign, C++/C#, JavaScript/Jquery,


Web Sites

Anna's Hope is a non-profit organization benefitting research for and awareness of Neuroblastoma, a deadly childhood cancer severely lacking in funding.

I was asked to design a website that was professional enough to be taken seriouslyn, but whimsical enough to keep the focus on the children.

I created the background in Adobe Photoshop, and programmed the site using HTML, CSS and Ariel Flesler's wonderful jQuery script ScrollTo. A link here once it has launched.

Skylab is an independent video game project I am working on along with Ryan Batten, Gil Medina, and Aaron Baker. Our intent is to create new, innovative and avant-garde games that buck the tired and predictable trends of the big name publishers.

Skylab needed a website that would both attract people, and also garner interest in what we're doing. Social media (blogs, twitter, kickstarter, etc) and word of mouth is a large part of the marketing strategy behind Skylab and thus were very influential in the overall design.

One of my hobbies is poison dart frogs; I find them striking, beautiful, inspiring, etc. I was looking at the commercial websites for a lot of vendors/breeders of these animals, and very quickly decided that they were all pretty ugly. Not just that, they looked cheap and unprofessional, not something that really builds trust in potential customers.

I thought it would be an intereseting project to design a site that would effectively convey all the information present on these sites in a more professional, polished manner. This is what I came up with.


Microcosm 2010 is a herpetological conference benefitting amphibian conservation, slated for the first weekend in September, 2010.

I was asked to create a logo for Microcosm that was fresh, friendly and clean, portraying the idea of conservation while still maintaining a professional appearance and feeling.

After designing the microcosm logo (above), TWI asked me if I could modernize their logo. The client wanted something that maintained their frog imagery which they are associated with, used just a few colors for printing, and was distinguishable at smaller sizes. This is one of my submissions for them.

This was created in Illustrator and actually only uses 1 color (two if you count the negative space). The logo design process isn't done yet, however I liked this submission a lot.

I created this logo for a game proposal for a school project. The game was called Project Gravity, and was a gravity-based, 1st person platformer in which the player changes the direction of gravity to navigate environmental puzzles.

Because the game relies on science (gravity phsyics), and was propsed to be set in a space station, I tried to give the logo a very clean, almost sterile, modern feel to it. The rings on the outside are a play on the conventional symbol for atoms.



Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator



Web Designer, Anna's Hope, Wheaton IL
Graphic Designer, Tree Walkers International
Web Designer, New England Herps
Design Intern, TribeAgency, Chicago IL





Selected as 1 of 5 Senior Mentors for the IAM Senior Mentoring Night,
     The Project Rm, Chicago IL
Manifest Urban Arts Festival, Senior Showcase,
     The Hokin Gallery, Chicago IL.
Manifest Urban Arts Festival, Dismantle Repair, The Project Rm, Chicago, IL.
Manifest Urban Arts Festival, Array, The Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, IL.
Featured Student in Profile Bi-Annuyal IAM Department Newsletter.
Installating Environments Interactive Display, The project Rm, Chicago, IL.
Fresh Exhibit, The Project Rm, Chicago, IL.



BA, Interactive Arts & Media, Columbia College, Chicago, IL
     Graduated with Honors


Annette Barbier
Terrence Hannum
Tracy Taylor

Interactive Arts & Media Department Chair, Columbia College
Internship/External Relations Coordinator, Columbia College
Assistant Professor, Department of Art & Art History, Lake Forest College

more information available upon request


What are you thinking about? Have a design related query? Just feel like shooting the breeze? Use the form below to drop me a line and well talk. Im looking forward to it.